VCSU Macro-Invertabrate Lab
Phylum Mollusca - Class Gastropoda - Order Basommatophora - Family Ancylidae - True Freshwater Limpets

Distinguishing characteristics - The Ancylidae family can be distinguished from other Gastropods by its distinct shape, concentric growth rings, and large aperture. Growth rings form a concentric shape (Fig. B). The body lacks an operculum, but contains a large foot to attach to different materials (Fig. C).

Tolerance Value - 6

Feeding Group - Scraper

Notes - Most Ancylidae occur in heavily vegetated permanent water habitats. Many Ancylidae will attach themselves to different plants. Most will be found in lakes, ponds or slow moving streams. Ancylidae that are found in fast moving rivers and streams usually will attach to rocks or other mussel shells.

Penny Picture

Range Map

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