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Phylum Mollusca - Class Gastropoda - Order Neotaenioglossa - Family Hydrobiidae - Genus Amnicola - Species limnosa - Ordinary Spire Snail

Distinguishing characteristics - You can distinguish Amnicola from other members of its family by comparing the whorls, shape of apex, and the shape of the aperture. The whorls will be rounded or slightly shouldered inward (Fig. B). The first whorl is planispiral forming a blunt apex (Fig. C). The aperture is broadly subovate (circular)(Fig. D).

Genus - Amnicola

Tolerance Value - 8

Feeding Group - Scraper

Notes - Amnicola is found in unpolluted, perennial water habitats where aquatic vegetation is abundant. In North Dakota it is most prevalent in the Sheyenne River.

Penny Picture

Range Map

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