VCSU Macro-Invertabrate Lab
Phylum Mollusca - Class Gastropoda - Order Basommatophora - Family Physidae - Genus Aplexa - Species hypnorum - Lance Aplexa

Distinguishing characteristics - You can differentiate Aplexa from the other members of its family using the shell and mantle. The shell is long and narrow (Fig. B). The surface is glossy (Fig. C). There are no fingerlike projections on the edge of the mantle, but it may be serrated (Fig. D).

Genus - Aplexa

Tolerance Value - 7

Feeding Group - Undetermined

Notes - We’ve only collected one species of Aplexa in North Dakota, Aplexa hypnorum. This may be due to the fact that it is usually found in temporary water bodies and only rarely in streams. It prefers a muddy bottom with lots of plants.

Penny Picture

Range Map

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